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What neuroscience has made evidently clear is that changes in the brain cause changes in your thinking, behaviors, and emotions.

Cognitive Distortions Visual
Cognitive Distortions

Discover the faulty thought patterns that create negative neuronal associations.

Disrupt Associations Chain Breaking
Disrupt Associations

Break the destructive emotions and behaviors happening on a frequent and mostly subconscious level. 

Brain Rewiring Diagram
Neural Rewiring

Re-wire your brain’s neural pathways with positive and accurate assertions until they become your default setting.

Want to go further, faster? You need an experienced executive coach who has a vested interest in your success — and the independence and insight to ask tough questions and hold you accountable. 

The Four Essential Executive Traits

Scientific research has shown there are 4 Common Qualities all high performing CEOs, top executives, and leaders possess.  Together, we will develop and sharpen these essential and indispensable attributes in you.

1. Decisiveness – The ability to make decisions under pressure, sometimes without all the information.

2. Engagement – Once a decision is made, there is no second-guessing it, the action begins.

3. Adaptability – Setbacks and a changing environment are inevitable, successful executives pivot and move forward.

4. Reliability – Boards, and investors love a steady hand, and employees trust predictable leaders.

Building a Better Executive

Better leaders

The demands of executive leadership evolve as your company grows and new challenges arise. MindLAB Life Coaching helps you identify new skills, competencies, and training you may need as an effective decision-maker.

Better decisions

When your livelihood, the lives of your employees, and your reputation are on the line, making the best decision is vital. We help you refine your instincts, improve your judgment, and expand your perspectives.

Better results

We use a comprehensive process built on neuroscience, 2 decades of experience, and a collaborative approach to help you identify personal and professional areas that need eradication or enhancement so you can become an astute and effective leader.

By integrating both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and combining analytical with big picture thinking, Dr. Ceruto helps clients become more innovative, increase creativity, boost productivity, nuance their management styles and improve conflict resolution skills.  Her cutting-edge approach and years of experience will give you tangible outcomes that produce extraordinary results.

The Executive Toolbox

Below are just some of the concepts we covered in depth during your work with Dr. Ceruto.

  • Collaborative Convincement: The fundamental of collaborative convincement represents the balance of management skills with leadership skills.
  • Emotional Strength: Emotional strength speaks to the balance of a healthy ego with the proper use of empathy.
  • Integrative Ethics: Integrative ethics addresses the balance between properly intended rules and good results.
  • Provident Power: The fundamental of provident power unpacks the necessary balance of professional power with personal power.
  • Interactive Influence:  Interactive influence describes the balance of disclosure to others with feedback for the self.
  • Team Forbearance:  Team forbearance represents the interaction of positive team behaviors for task completion and group relations.
  • Systems Discernment: Systems discernment addresses the perception of work meaningfulness and the actual work systems that surround employees.

Executives who truly desire to become leaders must first know that, while they may be called leaders, it is not about them. Leadership doesn’t happen through the efforts of one person. If executives act as if they are the “one best person” to lead, they have missed the point.

At MindLAB Life Coaching, an integral part of our neuro based approach is gauging C-Suite executive’s abilities, through frequent monitoring, and developing enhanced skills within them to successfully lead others.

You are NOT powerless over your brain!

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By understanding brain science, you can learn how to take massive action to ‘rewire’ your brain processes for better outcomes.

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